"The presence of anti-Pauline texts in [Matthew's] Gospel, point inevitably towards the conclusion that the evangelist himself [sic: really Jesus] was anti-Pauline." D.C. Sim [2002:780]


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Only Jesus (great song by Big Daddy)

What Did Jesus Say? (2012) - 7 topics 

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James v. Paul

Paul called James (known as James the Just), the brother of Jesus, an "apostle." (Gal. 1:19, "Other of the apostles I saw none, except James, the brother of the Lord.")

Clement, an early Christian leader, in his book Hypotyposes said that "the Lord after his resurrection imparted knowledge to James the Just and to John and Peter, and they imparted it to the rest of the Apostles, and the rest of the Apostles to the 70, of whom Barnabas was one." (Eusebius, Church History II, i. 2-4, quoting Clement in the 4th Century.) Also, Peter and John chose James the Just to lead the 12. Clement said in the same work: "For they say that Peter, James and John after the Ascension of our savior, as if also preferred by our Lord, did not strive after honor, but chose James the Just the Bishop of Jerusalem." Id. See also Mark Kern, The Life of the Apostle Paul (2014) at 25.

Did James, Jesus' brother, the Bishop of Jerusalem, to whom Jesus imparted important knowledge after the Resurrection that was then spread among the 12 and then the 70, write his epistle to address flaws in Paul's writings, as we said in Jesus Words Only?

James' Words Responding to Paul



Gal 2:16; Romans 3:28: Justification is by faith not works of the Law.

James 2:24: Justification is by works not faith alone

Gal 3:6; Romans 4:3: Quotes Genesis 15:6, Faith made Abraham right with God.

James 2:22-23: Quotes Genesis 15:6, his faith and deeds worked together

Gal 3:20; Romans 3:30: God is one.

James 2:14-19: You believe God is one, good but even demons believe that!

Gal 3:23: We were captive under the law.

James 1:25: The law makes people free

Gal 5:18, Rom 8:2 & 10:4: We are not under the law.

James 2:10-13: We will be judged according to the law, but there is mercy for the merciful

Romans 5:20: God sent the law to increase sin

Romans 7 5: law works in our members to bring sin and death

Romans 7:7, not know to covet had law not told me not to covet

1 Cor. 15:56 "sinful passions...[are] coming into active exercise through the law" (Tischendorf interpretation); literally, 

"the strength of sin is the law" (KJV / NIV)

James 1:13-15: God tempts no one. Desire causes sin which causes death

Gal 5:10-12 The one troubling you will bear the penalty, no matter who he is

James 4:11: He who judges his brother, judges the law

Gal 1:12-16, 2 Cor.12:1-7 Paul did not learn from the other apostles but by direct revelation from Christ above

James 3:14-15: If you are jealous & ambitious, do not boast & lie. This isn't the wisdom that comes down from above.

Gal 1:20 "before God, I do not lie!"

James 5:12 Do not Swear by heaven or earth, but let your "yes" be yes and your "no" be no

1Cor 9:15, 2 Cor 10:14-15, 11:21-23, 2 Cor 12:11-12, Phil 3:8-9, I Thes 2:7-12

James 3:5: Don't Boast!

Gal 1:8-9: Paul curses the one preaching "a different Gospel"

James 3:9: Don't curse!