Ebionites "thought that it was necessary to reject all the epistles of [Paul], whom they called an apostate from the Law." Eusebius, Church Hist 3:27 325 AD


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Jesus' Words Only

JesusWordsonlysansnomeJesus' Words Only was written by an evangelical Christian who was motivated to write the book in his quest to reconcile Paul to Jesus' words. The historical origins of the canon prove that it originally was intended to focus only upon Jesus' words as the inspired canon. It was a much later notion to believe that letters of apostles were inspired too. Moreover, upon careful examination, there is no validity to saying "Apostle Paul" was appointed as an apostle of Jesus Christ, as it is not verified by two independent witnesses, as Jesus required for His own status as Son of God. Moreover, Jesus appears in Rev. 2:2 to have intended to condemn Paul for teachings contained in Paul's post-conversion period. Specifically, Paul's permission to eat meat sacrificed to idols, which Jesus condemns in Rev. ch. 2. As a result, this bolsters the conclusion that Jesus is the sole inspired prophet (and more than just a prophet) speaking in the New Covenant writings. All others are secondary and, unless quoting Jesus, not inspired. The weight they deserve is for wisdom, not inspiration. For book reviews and reader comments, see Reviews tab at top.You can buy a google books version at this link.