"It is not in the epistles we learn the fundamentals. We shall find those necessary points best in the preaching of our Savior." (John LockeĀ (1696).)


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Justin Best of Christian Truthers Bravely

Exposes Paul as False Apostle


On April 13, 2020, Justin Best -- one of the primary hosts for Christian Truthers -- released two videos and a document  which expose Paul as a false apostle. This military veteran is now in a bigger battle, it seems, than just for his life as in his military days. He is being attacked from many sides - typically not being taken seriously but instead we see efforts to herd him back to acceptability. Yet, the likes versus dislikes from among his 42.5 thousand YouTube channell followers are 2-1 in favor of his exposure of Paul as false. 


Here are the two videos that launched the firestorm:


Fifty Reasons to Never Quote Paul Again - Part 1.  

Fifty Reasons to Never Quote Paul Again - Part 2.


Here is the webpage link  to his 109 page mini-book -- yet with generous white space on each page -- entitled The Paul Document.  On the same page, you can subscribe to his website The Christian Truthers for updates. In his YouTube videos, Justin explains that this was the product of two years of research. He waited for a long time before coming forward with his findings. 


Here is one response that appears moderate and listening to what Justin is saying:


Back to Wisdom on YouTube:

Justin Best of Christian Truthers Rejects Apostle Paul.


But here is a an aggressive negative YouTube response from  Awake Souls:


Justin Best Exposed (4/17/2020)


We will report back after we have reviewed this material with care. So far, in what I have heard, Justin is very logical; very evidence driven; and very responsible in making clear that pointing away from Paul does not drive one away from Yahshua but to the contrary is keeping himself close to Yahshua.  (5/3/2020 Doug.) 


Updated July 15, 2020   Justin has been diving into Messianic prophecies. Before he unveils that, he explains that the #1 argument he hears against his position on Paul is 'you will one day reject Jesus as Messiah too!' Justin explains that before he published his two Paul videos a year had gone by during which that had not happened. Now he is going to demonstrate even more so that he is even more convinced that Yahshua is Messiah. The video is entitled Mudflow, Messiah and Mulch, published July 6, 2020. See this link.



Corrections to Justin's Videos.


As friendly correction, I offer the following to Justin and his viewers:


1. Second Peter Supposedly Says Paul is an Apostle.


Justin three times in part 1 of 50 Reasons that Second Peter says Paul is an "apostle." He says this as fact beginning at 1:04:00 through 1:08:45 three times. But Second Peter only refers to Paul as a brother, and not ever as an apostle. See our article Second Peter.