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Was Paul the Anti Christ? by Delmario (2012)


Jeremy Bentham in the early 1800s suggested Paul was the Anti-Christ because no man contradicted Jesus more than Paul.

But that can be because the person who Paul thought was Christ, whom Paul met in the wilderness, was the Anti-Christ, and Paul was his dupe. 

I was recently advised that in Brazil there is a movement to regard Paul as a false prophet and Anti-Christ. I would more accurately say he was a dupe false prophet of a false Jesus whom Paul met on the Road to Damascus.

Del Mario or A Delmario in his blog [no longer working as of 2020] from 2014 writes of Paul:

It is shocking to think that the "apostle" Paul is the Antichrist. He is one of the most respected man among Christians. He is regarded as a demi-god and placed on level or above the commands of Jesus, by which therefore, Christianity has been shattered. First, he was not and will never be an apostle as is evidenced in the Bible. Then his gospel is totally contrary to Jesus, and must have been on purpose that the writer of most of the New Testament did not cite any of the parables of the Gospels, as this would undermine their concepts. Paul was a scrappy and openly declared enemy of the true apostles, many believers, and even entire churches who disagreed with his gospel. Jesus spoke clearly of him calling him a liar and false apostle in Revelation 2:2. But one does not need Jesus to say that he was and is a liar, because it's proven and confessed in his own letters. (Translated from Portuguese).

 Del Mario published a book that exposes Paul as the Anti-Christ entitled:

HO - nome e sobrenome do - ANTICRISTO   [This link is no longer working as of Feb. 23, 2020.  I did find this book available for sale online at this link.] 



The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew as recovered by Professor Howard in the Shem-Tob from a medieval version does have Jesus use the term "Anti-Christ." On who is identified, see this link.