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Juice Plus Reviews

Filling The Gap With Fruit & Vegetable Juice Powders

The USDA recommends teens get 5 servings of fruit, and 4 servings of vegetables every day. See this USDA Fed.gov page on Dietary Guidelines. A serving of a fruit is 1 apple, 1 banana, etc. A serving of a vegetable is 1 cup raw, or 1/2 cup cooked.

For adults, the number of servings are even greater - 8-13 combined. See inset photo of what that looks like! Uggh. Predictably, in 2010, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that 33% of Americans satisfy the minimum daily requirement for fruit, and 27% of the RDA for vegetables. No surprise!

I go out of my way to try to eat fruits and vegetables, and fall way short due to my schedule. I have one serving of fruit and vegetable in my morning and lunch shake. So if I were a teen, I would be 3 servings short on fruit, and 2 servings short on vegetables. I don't want to even think how short I am on the recommendations for adults. Look to the right to have a sense of the disparity.

How do I make sure I make up the gap? 

There is a new option: bio-available concentrated fruit and vegetable powder mixes. These are not dead vitamin capsules. Juice Plus pioneered this area. It is the only such product that has been tested for bio-availability, and has demonstrable health benefits in double-blind studies. You can purchase them at this link.

Scientific Studies

Juice Plus actually has been studied for whether its fruits / vegetables in powder form -- known as FV powder -- is bio-available and makes a health difference. Juice Plus is not vitamins synthesized, but actually the powder of dried fruits and vegetable, and thus is an actual natural whole food product.

Anyway, here are studies I found interesting:

1. 2011 Journal of the American College of Nutrition - collection of studies on FV powder - Fruits & Vegetables powder. See link.

2. 2007, Asian Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Japanese subjects. See link.

3. 2007, Journal of Nutrition. PDF. This is the best study of all - because it was a study of the Cobra Special Forces in Germany taking the same Juice Plus capsules. The improvement on a 28 week regimen was clearly discernible after week 8, with demonstrable bioavailability of the anti-oxidants in the blood stream and significantly less missed-work days due to illness. These special forces are too busy to eat the recommended number of meals of fruits and vegetables each day, and this Juice Plus powder supplement was in fact a positive health factor in coping with stress.

Juice Plus Research Videos

Juice Plus has a series of 13 Juice Plus Research Videos. This is in a different You Tube Channel than what are the 5 videos of a general introductory nature. In these 13 videos, you can watch videos presenting the science behind the plant powder in Juice Plus.

My favorite video to watch is scientific, summarized by an MD, with an extremely relevant study to back up why Juice Plus fills the gap -- it is by Dr. Jan Roberto from December 17, 2013. She also shows you the daily cost of Juice Plus ($2.25) and Complete ($1.95) -- so it makes it easier to make a decision to go on the program.

You Tube Videos

1. Four Doctors On Juice Plus - You Tube

2. Dr. Sears - Juice Plus - Show Me The Science  - You Tube

3. Improve Your Immune System with Juice Plus - The Doctors on You Tube

4. How Juice Plus Is Made - You Tube

5. Dr. Jan Robert - Juice Plus & JP Complete - You Tube

6. Difference between Whey Protein & Juice Plus - You Tube

7. Week 3, Week 4 Menu - You Tube

8. Dr. Philips on Juice Plus - You Tube

9. An Honest Juice Plus Review - You Tube

10. Dr. Mercola - Can A Pill Give You The Benefits of Juicing? - You Tube. Dr. Mercola prefers one get their fruits and vegetables in whole form rather than in a powder. He also says it is misleading to say a powder has "all" the health benefits of the original raw fruit or vegetable that is reduced to a powder form. That is true, as the powder lacks fiber. However, Dr. Mercola does not discount any of the science that proves a benefit from taking a fruit-vegetable powder. Dr. Mercola also does not address how one can find the time and money to buy all the fruits and vegetables that the required daily minimums of fruits and vegetables would require. Yet, Dr. Mercola is correct that it would be best to eat the daily RDA in their whole form. But who has time to do this? Or pay the cost to do so?

11. You Tube Playlist on Juice Plus

12. Dr. Jan Robert on You Tube - discusses the Complete Shake as an adjunct in a science study.

If you find any critique you think is credible, please let me know so I can examine thoroughly, and I will post here my thoughts.

Conclusion on Juice Plus

I like Juice Plus' fruit & vegetable powder for its proven health benefits. I now use the shake powder mix offered by Juice Plus, and I like the assurance it provides that fiber and whole-food fruit-vegetable powder is already included.

In sum, I vetted the juice plus powder as a benefit for myself as I cannot eat the USDA recommended 8-13 servings of fruits and vegetables. I use Juice Plus to fill the gap. 


Tower Garden - Automated Hydroponics Tower to Grow Fruits & Vegetables

1. Tim Blank Creator Discusses - You Tube

2. Introducing Tower Garden by Juice Plus - You Tube

3. How to Set Up Dolly & Timer for Tower Garden - You Tube

We installed in July a Tower Garden with a Dolley underneath it. We have it on a second story balcony. Here is a photo. 

 4. John Kohler, Grow 53 Plants in 4 Sq Ft with a Tower Garden Vertical Container Garden - You Tube

5. How to Use Tower Garden to Grow Huge Produce - You Tube -- amazing chronicle near end on of photos at different dates.

6. Green Machine in the Bronx - You Tube

Below to the right is how the Tower Garden started ...

tower garden finished for net

Issues on Use on Tower Garden

1. Don't Do This, My Big Mistake - You Tube on mistake someone made in planting. 

There was an interesting comment to the You Tube:

+Samuel Trajano The Tower Tonic is very nutrient rich and U of Miss discovered that the plants are as rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants as the best organic ground garden: " In conclusion, the study reveals that plants grown in aeroponic systems show a higher product yield and comparable antioxidant properties (using DPPH and cell-based assays) to those grown in the soil." http://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2014/253875/
Of course, this is using the Tower Tonic: http://www.drmitraray.com/newsletters/tower-talk-growing-our-own-with-tim-blank/ Honestly, there's a guy who mentions that Tower Gardens don't compare to ground gardens on Youtube. But his statement doesn't hold up to the research out there. In addition to the U of Miss study, there is another study from NASA that shows 80% greater nutrient content in TG [Tower Garden] plants than in soil and in hydroponic plants. Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll send you the research.
+grimesreaper In central Florida we have a super short growing season for tomatoes. The Tower Garden extends that growing season. In fact, I can grow tomatoes from August until June in the Tower Garden. And since the plants grow 30% faster and yield up to 65% more produce (U of Miss 2014 study - Tower Gardens vs. organic ground gardens) it makes a lot of sense to grow in a Tower Garden. Less work, too. No weeds. I'm busy all the time (I'm sure you are too) so the Tower Garden is a tool that makes gardening work for us.

+Christian Hoyle I am south of you and yes! Starting late July, just grow and harvest in 6 week cycles (grow and harvest full sized plants). In cooler months, grow and harvest in 12 week cycles (harvest continually after they reach full size for several weeks). Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for info

+MsAldousSnow Sure :) As far as nutrition, the Tower Gardens compare favorably to organic ground gardens. TG produce had the same or slightly higher nutrient levels than the U of Mississippi organic ground garden in their 2014 study. In addition, TGs produced up to 65% more produce, grew 30% faster, weathered bad weather better, and were far less work than the organic ground garden. NASA study from 2006 showed that early test model TG produce was up to 80% more nutrient dense than their (non-organic) ground garden and other hydroponic systems. In addition, they were able to use 40% less nutrients, 98% less water, and 100% less pesticides in the aeroponic early model TGs than in their hydro and ground gardens. Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll send you the info :)
Seeds for Tower Garden
Gourmet Seed online has seeds for sale. See link.
You can search for all the organic seeds on the sight by searching "organic seeds" at this link.
You can review watermelon seeds, for example, to illustrate their extensive offerings, and the varieties to choose from. See link.
It also offers supplies of Italian sprouting seeds that are organic under European standards.
These seeds are for sprouts at home. Here is a summary found at this link:
All of our seed for sprouts come from Bavicchi, one of Italy's finest and most innovative seed houses, and they are in fact Italy's largest supplier of sprouting seed for the home. Bavicchi's seed for growing sprouts are all certified organic (European), and are also excellent for growing microgreens. Sprouts are known for their health benefits, as the highest concentration of digestible nutrients are available right after a seed sprouts. Sprouts are also a great way to add some fresh 'greens' or 'vegetables' to the diet of folks who don't have a garden, live in apartments, or who simply want to chase away the winter blues. Be sure to check our other organic seed varieties listed throughout the web site for more excellent microgreens seed options!