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Proofs for Low-Protein Quasi-Vegan Diet As Proper Normal Diet

1. Dr. Furhman's PBS Special 2014

In his 2014 PBS presentation, Dr. Furhman highlighted that studies prove those whose normal diet is high-protein (meat / dairy / fish) have correspondingly higher risk of cancer. (At minutes 10-12.) Thus vegans are lowest on this scale, and have the lowest risk. The non-vegans had an increased risk of cancer that corresponded to the percentage higher in high protein they ate. The correlation was direct: the higher the high protein, the higher the risk of cancer.

Dr. Furhman explained how sweets contribute to the same mechanism that high proteins stimulates: insulin and insulin growth factor 1. Thus, he would argue from the same evidence to reduce sweets. 

2. High-glycemic Foods including Oils

Dr. Furhman in the same PBS Special at minutes 33 also recommends reducing or eliminating oils in the diet. This includes olive oil. Foods with high glycemic loads (e.g., white rice, soda) stimulate insulin, which ramps up storage of fat.  This problem involves any oil, e.g., sesame seed oil. Oils are the most dense in calories. They are the fastest means of calories to the hips.


3. Forks over Knives


This movie is free at Netflix.  You can read a quick synopsis at the movie's webpage --http://www.forksoverknives.com/synopsis/ 


The 2 key doctors in the movie are Dr. Colin Campbell of Yale and Dr. Ettelston of the Cleveland Clinic -- both world famous doctors and leaders in their fields.


Dr. Ettelston is the one who says removing all meat and dairy 100% prevents heart disease no matter how far gone your condition may be presently ... no risk of heart attack -- the #1 killer in the USA -25% of all deaths each year. His website is at this link --http://www.dresselstyn.com/site/   In the movie, he shows you how changing diet REVERSES heart disease.


Dr. Campbell is the one who explains studies of certain cancers now show that if meat and dairy protein is more than 20% of daily intake of protein, it turns on such cancers. Below 10% turns, it turns off. Here is a 10 minute video by him on this issue on YouTube